about Sport Passport

Sport Passport is a new and revolutionary program that has been created to give people an affordable membership platform to both play sport and do fitness classes without having to choose between the two. It creates an opportunity to try different sports and gyms without any ongoing commitments.

From a sporting perspective, rather than signing up for a whole season, simply book in to the game you want to play, choose the sport, day or night, and venue that best suits you. From a gym or fitness class perspective, simply book in to what you want, when you want. 

For our partners, it is a great way to expose your business to our growing Sport Passport community. We will bring new people to your sport or business and actually pay you for it.

Sport Passport was created to provide a more flexible and affordable way to play sports and fitness activities. Instead of needing multiple memberships, you only need one.

Why Sport Passport?

~ Do you want the flexibility to book into a particular sporting game, group training or fitness offering when you want and where you want?

~ Do you want to be able to experience a variety of different sports and fitness offerings from a variety of different providers?

~ Do you want to trial particular sports or fitness brands before committing?

We are pretty confident you would have answered YES to at least one of these questions…and this is precisely why Sport Passport was created.

Sport Passport is a revolutionary membership offering that provides flexibility and variety whilst being an incredibly affordable sporting/fitness option with no strings attached.

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