Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I play any sport I like?

Any sport game listed in the Schedule will be available to book subject to it not being full (sold out). This means you can pick and choose across a week what type of sport you want to do etc and when you want to do it.

Can I book into any fitness class I like?

Yes, just like with the sporting options, you can book any fitness class available subject to it not being full (sold out).

How do I know if the game/class advertised is running/on (due to weather etc)?

We recommend always checking with the provider (website, socials or making direct contact) to ensure the game/class is going ahead.

What happens if it is raining?

We recommend (especially) in these instances making contact with the provider.

Do the games/classes sell out? What happens if they are full?

Yes. We provider enough options to enable you to pivot but booking early is essential (note there are restrictions on booking up weeks in advance as this obviously can block other members).

I booked a game/class but now don’t want to go, will this count towards my allotted games/classes (per my membership)?

You need to cancel your booking inside the allotted time period otherwise this will count towards your allotted games/classes (per your membership).

I didn’t use all my available games/classes for the week, what’s next?

Each week your membership resets. If you have not used the allotted games/classes available to you the previous week, you are generally not able to carry these over to the following week.

Are there any circumstances where I can get a credit towards the following week?

If you believe there were extenuating circumstances which precluded you from using all of the available games/classes, please write to us – – and we will review your situation. We make no promises but are happy to assess any application for credits on their merits.

How do I cancel?

In writing (this is important – the request must be made to and not via social media, text message etc) simply provide 5 days notice before you are next charged that you wish to cancel and we will cancel your membership.

10 Packs - anything to be aware of?

The 10 Pack membership provides another layer of flexibility. Once you purchase a 10 Pack, there are no refunds under any circumstances. You have 8 weeks in which to use the 10 Pack. After this point in time, it expires.

I am injured but I don’t want to cancel, just pause my membership - what do I do?

Easy. We can simply place your membership on hold without charge. We will work with you to line up a suitable time to restart the membership.