Terms & Conditions

The following outlines the Terms and Conditions associated with your Sport Passport membership. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By checking the box, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

A: General

  1. Sport Passport is a community hub where members can access a variety of sports and fitness offerings on the one membership platform. Sport Passport does not operate the sports or fitness offerings.
  2. Because Sport Passport does not operate the sports or fitness offerings, this essentially means that each time you participate in a game or fitness class, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions for that provider.
  3. Each time you participate with a different provider, you will be participating per the terms and conditions for that provider – it is important for you as an individual to perform your own due diligence on items such as insurance and any other rules/regulations for that provider.
  4. If you have a query or concern about a particular sport or fitness offering, you need to contact that provider directly.
  5. All members must seek medical advice before joining Sport Passport to ensure they are fit and capable of engaging in the sports and fitness offerings available. This would include seeking advice on specific offerings and getting clearance for specific offerings.
  6. If you injure yourself during an activity and wish to make an insurance claim, you will need to do so directly with the provider as your agreement for that activity is with the provider.
  7. Sport Passport members must be 18 years of age.

B: Disclaimer & Acknowledgements

  1. I agree to release Sport Passport from all liability for any claim or demand or damage or personal injury or illness sustained by me arising from or in respect of my participation in any game or fitness offering. 
  2. I acknowledge that Sport Passport is purely a membership hub which facilitates participation in sports and fitness offerings provided by third parties. Sport Passport does not operate these offerings.
  3. I acknowledge that in order to coordinate Sport Passport effectively, my contact details will be used to communicate updates via email (including newsletter service) and phone. I also acknowledge that my contact details will be available to third party providers for the purposes of making contact with me for operational and marketing reasons.

C: Payments Policy

  1. Payments are taken via Direct Debit – provider, EziDebit. The amount and frequency of the Direct Debit is subject to change. Any proposed change in this arrangement will be communicated to the paying member via email and in advance of this change taking place.
  2. The member has a separate payments agreement with EziDebit.
  3. Fees are paid for in advance. Membership can be cancelled at any time. However, you must provide notice of your intention to cancel at least 5 calendar days before your intended last week. This notice must be provided in writing and via email to hello@sportpassport.com.au [NOTE: This is not relevant for 10 Pack purchases which are non-refundable].
  4. Dishonour Fees: For any failed payment, there is a dishonour fee of $11.95. This fee is automatically added to your next payment.
  5. Game/Fitness Class Availability: We make no representations that your game or class will always be available. Bookings are essential and games/classes will fill. You must also check with the provider to ensure the game/class is going ahead.
  6. Credits/Refunds: Generally not available. If you wish for your situation to be reviewed, please email hello@sportpassport.com.au
  7. If you make a booking but fail to attend, this booking will still count towards your allotted activities (which will vary depending on the type of membership you have). If you make a booking but cancel outside of 2hrs from the activity, this booking will not count towards your allotted activities. If you make a booing but cancel inside of 2hrs from the activity, this booking will still count towards your allotted activities.